Loss of My Father

new picture 020

My dad, I miss you every day
My greatest love, my hero
My best memories in every way

The greatest man I knew
In every moment of my life I do remember you
I remember your strong yet tender features
I remember you as a role model and a great teacher
I remember looking up to you, jumping, hopping, and feeling safe

I always hid behind your existence
You taught me about patience and persistence
I felt safe, secure, and never worried when you were around
I always knew with you I was standing on a solid, safe ground

I hate that you can’t speak to me
when I mention the word “DAD”

But I love the way your voice is in my memory
from all the talks we had.
I remember your daily hard work, dedication, and tender care
I remember all the love, fun, and thoughts that we used to share

I wanted you to be proud of me
I wanted to be the daughter that you wanted to see
I made sure everything I did was what you would approve
I am purely your daughter, there is nothing more to prove

My son hear about you every day
He always ask me why grandpa didn’t stay
I tell them he is in heaven now, looking and praying for us somehow
I love you so much, my dad, your memory will always be alive
I love you so much, my dad, your words and wisdom will always survive


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